A tribute to the rich culture and various tastes that come from the land of India which has a history of several years. Funduz focuses on these core characteristics:
“Made in India” menu offerings, prior to the invasion of fast food chains. Funduz menu includes its signature veggie burgers, plus items like Wraps, Sandwiches, Vada Pavs, Instants and a variety of milk-shakes and Mocktails.
Premium vegetables make better burgers; this high-quality burger focuses on quality and value. The Funduz burger features premium tastes that have evolved from various parts of the country.
The menu includes many side items and desserts, and in addition to sodas, bottled water, and milkshakes, Funduz Burgers offers also the unforgettable Desi Chai & Coffee.
When you walk into Funduz, you will see a fast casual concept, with a warm and relaxing atmosphere and a strong focus on customer service.
Each restaurant features a nostalgic “Made in India” feel with sustainable features throughout, including vibrant color siding on the walls and chairs made from recycled materials.