5 Fun steps to get you started in owning your own Funduz Store.
Step 1: Complete the Funduz contact us form on the website.
(We would like to understand a little bit about you, your experience and your plans for owning a Funduz.)
Step 2: Have an Introductory Call with a Funduz Business Development Manager.
(At this time, you’ll officially be introduced to Funduz. We’ll talk to you about the general qualification requirements, both financial and operational, and your territory of interest.)
Step 3: Transfer of Franchisee fee.
(Now, that you have already taken interest in Funduz, you’re ready to block a location and look for a suitable store, which is in line of the requirements we have.)
Step 4: Sign Agreements and Welcome to Funduz!
(Once you have signed your agreements, they are received and countersigned in Jaipur, and all fees are paid, you are officially a Funduz franchise partner.)
Step 5: Projects, Training and Store Launch.
(Once the location is finalized, our projects team starts with the work and mean while your staff get trained on operations. Once completion of that the stocks are sent and we all scream WELCOME TO FUNDUZ!)