a. Do I need previous restaurant or franchising experience to become a Funduz franchisee?

Yes – both are preferred and restaurant experience is required.
However, if a great prospect does not have sufficient restaurant experience, Funduz offers a training
Program, which is of one-week where prospects get both restaurant Kitchen and frontend training.

b. Is Funduz offering Unit Franchisee and Master franchise opportunities?

We are currently seeking qualified candidates to open either/both Unit and Master Franchisee.

c. What are the initial franchise fee and royalty fees?
* Franchise fee – Funduz Super Express / Express = Rs 3 Lakh & Funduz Café = Rs 4 lakh.
* The Franchisee agreement term is for 3 Years.
* Royalty Fee: Nil

d. What type of training and support will I receive as a new Funduz franchisee?
As a Funduz franchisee, you will receive the following training and support:
* FIT training program (One week – Restaurant backend and frontend)
* Grand Opening support
* On-going Training (Daily Chat, Hourly Employee Training Tools, and Promotion Training Guides)
*Regular visits from a Franchise Business Consultant

e. Does Funduz offer financing?
* No, we don’t provide financing but we do have a relationship with a third party that will assist you in obtaining financing.
f. How soon can I expect my Funduz franchise to open?
* Your first restaurant will generally open within 30 days of signing your franchise agreements. That said, if you have real estate already identified, that timeline is greatly reduced.
g. Where are Funduz restaurants generally located?
* Center criteria: Strong anchored centers or high visibility convenience centers that offer strong retail synergy
* Demographics (2 KM radius): 30,000 minimum population; median age 40 and below; household size of 2.5+
* Size requirements: 80-750 square feet; end-cap with 10 ft. frontage; freestanding conversions considered.
* Activity: Strong activity such as schools, theatres, parks, childcare, hospitals, and sports facilities
* Location: High visibility to street and center traffic; at least 5 parking stalls near space; at least Two points of access to center; ability to maximize Funduz restaurant franchise signage.

h. Will I have a protected territory?
* A protected territory is given to every traditional Funduz location. (2 KM radius) This however can change based on the Master Franchisee requirement.
i. What is a Non Traditional Funduz Location?
* These unique spaces can be found in:
Colleges and Universities
Train Stations
Travel Plazas
Medical Centers and Hospitals
Military Bases
Business Institutions

j. Will I receive guidance on purchasing equipment and supplies?
* Yes. Funduz has a preferred vendor program that covers all aspects of opening your restaurant.

k. Will I receive assistance in planning a Funduz grand opening?
* Yes. Every opening of a Funduz restaurant receives training, operations, marketing, PR and POS support.