Now is the time to join Funduz! Over the past 24 months, we’ve coordinated a high-performance team of experts focused on Franchisee success.
As a member of the Funduz family, you’ll have the opportunity to work with enthusiastic, experienced professionals who are knowledgeable in brand building, marketing, development and operations within the franchise foodservice industry. Funduz is dedicated to Franchisee success in one of the fastest growing segments of the restaurant industry – Quick service restaurant – Ethnic.

It is easier to open business in a franchisee model as you benefit from all the hard work, experience & time one has put in to start this business.

Our Franchisees love what they do – and it shows year after year as our sales and locations continue to grow. As a Funduz Franchisee, you’ll be part of a growing and exciting restaurant franchise opportunity with strong earnings potential.
In addition to everything we’ve mentioned, we’re not a stuffy, corporate brand. Our Franchisees love the brand culture that emphasizes the idea of just being your-self. As a Funduz Franchisee, the following opportunities will be available to you:
• Multi-unit development opportunities
• Ownership of a unique, differentiated brand in one of the most popular, fast growing restaurant segments
• Efficient restaurant design adaptable to traditional and non-traditional venues
• World-class franchisee training and support
• Access to innovative and effective marketing and a menu featuring the latest culinary trends
• Access to products that are Popular, tasty, Hygienic, standardized, has a universal appeal, and a mobile food, that is welcomed by masses.
• All of the Funduz burgers that you can eat!
If you wake up shouting, “Welcome to Funduz” and are ready to join a winning Ethnic Quick Service restaurant franchise team, make your dream a reality and open a Funduz!